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Aug 05 2016

Criterium Cycles Buying and Size Guides

Criterium Cycles Buying and Size Guides We know how confusing it can be to make the right choice when you are looking to buy something of a more technical nature. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to get down to the store and often, you are looking online when the store is closed anyway. So we…

Jul 27 2016

Shoe Sizing Guide

Shoe Sizing Guides In our Shoe Buying Guide, we explain the principles behind how cycling shoes are sized.  In this Criterium Cycles shoe sizing guide we have set out the sizing charts for the premium brands of cycling shoes we sell. SiDi hand builds its shoes from 3 ‘lasts’ or moulds – Standard Men’s ,…

Jul 27 2016

Clothing Sizing Guide

Clothing Sizing Guides This Clothing Sizing Guide includes the size charts for as many of the Brands stocked by Criterium Cycles that we can get our hands on. If a size chart for the brand and product you are looking for is not present in this guide, please do Contact Us and let us know. We’ll…

Jul 27 2016

Helmet Sizing Guide

Helmet Sizing Guide In our Criterium Cycles Helmet Buying Guide, we explain the reasons why a good, well fitting helmet is so important for both safety and comfort. If the most important priority is to have a helmet in the first place, the next most important thing is to have one that fits properly. This is really important…

Jul 27 2016

Bike Sizing Guide

Bike Sizing Guide Introduction In Sir Chris Hoy’s Foreword to Phil Burt’s superb book on Bike Fit, Bike Fit – Optimise your bike fit for High Performance and Injury Avoidance (published by Bloomsbury) Sir Chris says how much he loves seeing so many people out on their bikes but that few things frustrate him more than seeing someone…

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