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Apr 10 2021

New Bike deliveries – April update

The cycle industry is experiencing unprecedented demand with all the signs that it will continue for the foreseeable future. It’s particularly exciting because a large part of the upsurge in demand has been caused by more people turning to cycling, partly thanks to Lockdown but also because more and more of us can see the…

Aug 30 2018

A new bike for my birthday

by Charlie Bowker (Aged 11) For my birthday, I received the coolest present – a Trek Domane AL2. I am going to tell you why I think it is the perfect first road bike to buy. Styling The styling of the bike is very good using a matte and gloss paint format. The colours work…

Dec 04 2017

When riding in the dark this winter make sure you ride enlightened

Over the years, we have read many reviews of lighting systems for cycling. Some are really good but often, they can be overly complex. We think that misses the point a bit as to what is relevant when considering a new light system.   At Criterium Cycles, we do a lot of night riding across…

Nov 18 2017

Choosing a Children’s Bike

Seeing your child riding their bike for the first time must be one of life’s great moments! Some of our staff at Criterium have had first-hand experience not to mention plenty of fun teaching their own son’s, daughters, nieces and nephews to ride. However, before you get to this point, you need to purchase the…

Jun 19 2017

You only get one head

by Natalie Milne – Team GB and Team Scotland Triathlete   Recently I got a new mountain bike (Trek Fuel EX Project One) and as I got a new bike I thought it was only fair that I got some other bits of kit to complete the new package. I’ve never owned a mountain bike…

Jan 24 2017

A guide to Bike Lights (Part 1)

It is the law to have your lights switched on your bike between the sunset and sunrise. But the choice is bewildering. In this Blog (Part 1), Criterium Cycles examines the technology behind lights and lighting, and suggests some ideas for how to choose the best light for your road or urban / commuting needs. Mountain Bike lights will be looked at in Part 2.

Jan 09 2017

The Helmet debate and MIPS

There has been much debate over cycling helmets, whether they are a good thing or not, the technology used and the medical benefits. We look at the evidence as well as the increasing use of MIPS, a ground breaking technology this is changing the debate around helmets for good.

Aug 05 2016

Criterium Cycles Buying and Size Guides

Criterium Cycles Buying and Size Guides We know how confusing it can be to make the right choice when you are looking to buy something of a more technical nature. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to get down to the store and often, you are looking online when the store is closed anyway. So we…

Jul 27 2016

Clothing Buying Guide

Clothing for every (Cycling) occasion There is a well known expression used in the outdoor industry. It goes “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing”. Clearly whoever came up with that one was well versed in the variety of weather that we can experience in the UK. All four seasons in…

Jul 27 2016

Helmet Buying Guide

Helmet Buying Guide A bike helmet is designed for one primary purpose, to protect your head from injury in the case of accident. Whilst it is not a legal requirement in the UK to wear a helmet at all times, it is advised and we recommend you wear a helmet at all times you are cycling….

Jul 27 2016

Shoe Buying Guide

Shoe Buying Guide Cycling shoes come in a multitude of styles and designs with many of the designs being specific to the riding for which the shoe is going to be used. It is always worth first considering exactly what the shoe is going to be used for and selecting accordingly and then ensuring you…

Jul 27 2016

Lights Buying Guide

Lights Buying Guide In the Criterium Cycles Lights Buying Guide, we set out the key points to be taken into consideration when buying any lights for your bikes. We start with the two rules to consider before look at the many options that are available. Obey the Law It is the law in the UK that…

Jul 27 2016

Bike Pump Buying Guide

Bike Pump Buying Guide Tyre pressure is a remarkably important variable than impacts not only general safety but also handling / grip as well as comfort over longer distances. Whatever tyre pressure you choose to inflate your tyres to, you do need to keep pressure checked regularly (bikes can lose considerable pressure if left idle…

Jul 27 2016

Tyre Buying Guide

Tyre Buying Guide As with tyres on cars, tyres on bicycles are crucial for safety, reliability and comfort. And as with car tyres, different tread patterns are needed for different applications. The trend for increasingly wider tyres meaning that the choices are becoming bewildering. However, there are a few basic things you need to know…

Jul 27 2016

Saddle Buying Guide

Saddle Buying Guide Saddle selection is fairly critical because for most of us, we’re going to be spending the majority of the time we are on the bike sat down on the saddle. The science behind saddles design and fit, much like with bikes themselves, has advanced considerably in recent years to the point where…

Jul 12 2016

Bike Buying Guide

Bike Buying Guide Whatever your preferred type of cycling, we have a wide range of styles and models in an extensive range of sizes and colours. In addition, we have different levels of specification to suit just about every taste, budget and level of experience. Our Criterium Cycles Bike Buying Guide will help you navigate the…

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