2021. Criterium’s biggest year yet.

Feb 23 2021

2021. Criterium’s biggest year yet.

It’s remarkable to think that Criterium Cycles has been established for 8 years. We had no idea when we set the business up just how successful it would become nor how important it would become to a growing and loyal network of customers. Many of those customers have become friends as well.

Now as we enter 2021, the Criterium Cycles story is really moving to the next level. We have some really exciting things planned, most of which are about to launch imminently. You can read about the biggest ones below.

Don’t forget that in the meantime though, you can still browse all our current inventory of bikes by clicking HERE – we have new bikes arriving all the time and big deliveries coming towards the end of March and during April.

A year in Lockdown

What a year 2020 was for all of us. Nobody has been unaffected and let’s face it, we’d all far rather it hadn’t happened at all. What we have seen though is a surge in interest in cycling and bikes. There are plenty of reasons for this, not least that cycling was shown to be a great way to exercise during Lockdown and for those concerned about travelling on public transport, it provided a healthy and practical alternative.

But it’s far more than that. There is a growing understanding that climate change demands a new approach to sustainable transport solutions. Governments around the world are realising that cycling offers not just a ready made solution but it is becoming a vote winner too. Better still, technological advances in electric bikes, for example,  mean that cycling is no longer seen as more the domain of the super fit or the young. Now anyone can use a bike for many of the journeys we all used to use our cars or catch a bus for.

We are confident that 2021 will see a continuing surge in demand and interest for cycling and bikes.

New store, new website

Criterium Cycles has been in the same small store since we opened. It’s been great and we have loved it but we have outgrown it and it was time to move. But at the same time, we love where we are at Dobbies Garden World and we really wanted to stay. Thanks to the brilliant support of the team at Dobbies, that has been possible and although we are still a few days from being able to announce the new store location, we can honestly say it is going to be transformational with much more space to display and store new bikes as well as a much larger workshop as well. And although we are still going to see some restrictions for a little while yet thanks to Covid-19, we’re building for the future and are confident that the new store will soon become established as Edinburgh’s premier destination cycle store.

Criterium Cycles - we really had run out of space
Criterium Cycles – we really have run out of space!

Along with the new store comes a brand new website where you will be able to browse and buy to your heart’s content. With full Click & Collect capability as well as courier dispatch for all products except bikes (but read below to see what we are planning with bike deliveries), we are confident the new website will be totally complementary to the experience you receive in store, an experience that all our customers tell us is a vital part of why they come to Criterium in the first place.

We have taken a conscious decision not to ship bikes in a box for now. Personal interaction is really important to us and we don’t want to lose that. But we know that some people would still like home delivery, particularly for heavier items such as e-bikes that can’t be put on roof-mounted racks or be easily transported in the back of cars. So we are planning a local Edinburgh region delivery service for bikes, making the whole business of buying a bike as straightforward, worry free and smooth as it can be.

Criterium Cycles New Website Teaser

New Partnerships

A new website and a new approach to growing the awareness of Criterium Cycles creates plenty of opportunities for new initiatives. Perhaps none is more exciting for us than Cycle Sunday and our collaboration with the awesome PetrolPed, aka Peter Greaves. Peter has become one of the UK’s most successful motoring ‘You Tubers’ with around 100,000 subscribers for his You Tube channel.

Peter describes himself as follows:

A trainer in telecoms for 22 years, married 20 years, a cycling fan for 12 years and a YouTuber for 5 years, I am passionate about cars and driving but I also love my bikes. The tech and the engineering fascinate me and I love to set myself cycling challenges, most of which normally involve cycling up mountains!

Peter is a truly gifted communicator and broadcaster as well so, together, we have developed Cycle Sunday. Each week, beginning on the 28th February, Peter and Paul will take viewers on the journey of specifying and building Peter’s dream bike. A podcast will also feature Peter, Paul, and the occasional special guest chatting about bikes and bike stuff.

Criterium Cycles - Petrol Ped in his Alfa
PetrolPed (aka Peter Greaves) in a pensive mood, sat in an Alfa Romeo. And why not.

Check out this brilliant little teaser movie and please do click on the link below to subscribe to the Cycle Sunday YouTube Channel. We are super excited about this and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

SUBSCRIBE NOW!     Cycle Sunday You Tube Channel

Loads more bikes on the way

Finally, this really is the year of the bike at Criterium. We took the decision last year to forward order a massive range and stock of bikes. It was a big decision for us, but perhaps the best decision we have ever taken. Cycle shops that did not do this are now struggling to secure stock. There are plenty of stories of consumers unable to find bikes in their locality with stocks now hard to get for the whole of 2021.

Not at Criterium though – we have pre-ordered everything we can think of whether it be Hybrid, Road, Mountain, Gravel and Electric, as well as across all price points. But don’t hang around either – customers are already pre-ordering bikes for delivery well into the summer.

The one thing that’s not changing this year, or any year for that matter, is our absolute commitment to excellent customer service. That is what we have built our business on and you can be assured that whatever exciting changes 2021 brings, we will never forget, or change, what it was that got us here in the first place.

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